Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gabe turns TWO!!!

Yesterday was Gabe's birthday and we had a wonderful day...long but wonderful. we started out the day with baking the cake and then heading off to Target to get pictures of all the kids. They turned out pretty cute. we came home and frosted the cake and cleaned the house for the party and had a lot of fun with all our friends. Gabe is such a great boy and pretty happy all the time with exceptions to his wonderful 2-year-old-tantrums that go along with his red hair if you know what I mean. the girls never threw tantrums the way this young man does. but he makes up for it by being the darndest, cutest little boy in the world!

Here's Gabe with pink Dora sunglasses of aiselyn's and he even found a pink purse...all on his own...doesn't he look cute?! the purse didn't last but a few seconds but the glasses he sported pretty much the whole day! Tommy says he looks at life through rose colored glasses...they're not pink--they're rose colored! I guess there is a difference in men's eyes. He is still stinkin' adorable and I love him. I'm so glad he joined our family two years ago!

Here's a little video or us singing happy birthday to Gabe. He didn't know what was going on I don't think. We had a great time last night. Thanks to all that came and for all you do for us!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So today is Tommy and my anniversary. We have been married for 9 years! I can't believe it has been that long. It's kind of a weird day because we both have scouts tonight and won't be together till probably around 9 or 9:30 tonight but I love him and I'm so glad that the Lord let us meet and make three beautiful kids together. So here's to another 9 and many, many more!!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I turn 30!

Today is my birthday, and I am actually 30 now and starting to turn old. WHATEVER! Here is a picture of me when I was 6 months old! I am so dang cute!This morning I woke up and got to open my presents before Aiselyn went to school and Tommy to work. Tommy wrapped the presents last night. Isn't he clever?

So this one, people have gotten a kick out of. Some may say, "Who wants a dusting mop for their birthday?" Tommy thought I did. I don't complain about it. I like it. I absolutely hate all the hair and dust and stuff on my wood floors that you can see ALL the time! Tommy thought this would be good because the girls plus Gabe can do it for me! I thank him for being to thoughtful! This morning when Gabe woke up/when I woke him up, we went shopping to use some coupons and things (aren't I thoughtful...I went shopping for my kids on MY birthday! That's how much I love them! ha ha) When we got back, we went up to meet Aiselyn for lunch at her school and had a lot of fun. I got to talk a bit with Aiselyn's teacher Mrs. Moss who just got back recently from maternity leave and it was fun. When we got home, I put Gabe to bed and dinked around on the computer and then my dad called me on skype. It is turning out to be an awesome birthday! I forgot to add that I have received many cards from Aiselyn and Abby all week for they have been very excited for my birthday. We will be having ice cream cake tonight and are going out with some friends to a japanese restaurant tomorrow night that should be a lot of fun. Plus last weekend my friend Kris took me out for my very first pedicure and is was a lot of fun to get pampered and made pretty. I'm such a tomboy that I don't usually even know how to make myself pretty but whatever this is my day and I am awesome! I'll post a picture of my toes in a bit!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Tommy's birthday!

First, here is a couple of cute pictures of Gabe and Abby. Gabe has been climbing into these school desks lately and hanging out. He gets such a kick out of sitting in these big kid desks. I had some other pictures with him laughing and things but they were a bit blurry. but the next one is with abby while aiselyn was at school one day and these two were having a lot of fun!

Here is Tommy with his birthday cake. I didn't decorate this one. I only iced with it with some delicious chocolate buttercream frosting--of course the cake is yellow--I prefer chocolate cake but tommy LOVES yellow cake with chocolate frosting so I gotta please my man right!

This may look like a 52 but I PROMISE it really is a 32! He isn't over the hill...yet!

Here Tommy is making faces with the kids while we are singing happy birthday to him.

tommy and the kids--he is getting ready to open his presents.

Here is Tommy with his France Rugby shirt. He is really excited about it and so is Gabe. Isn't he just so precious looking up at Daddy like that?

Here's Tommy holding up all his presents. tommy loves the new version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so we got him that and I made him a belt and of course his jersey!

We had a fun day. I'm grateful for this special man that I get to spend the rest of eternity with. Happy birthday Tommy--I love you!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas at the Krebs' home

So we got to stay home for Christmas this year. It was the first time ever and it was a lot of fun. We kind of started some traditions or did a couple that we have grown up with or wanted to start. Hopefully next year if we stay home again, we will be able to do more or plan better at least. Here is our pathetic tree. The top broke completely last year I think. We have been using twist ties and pencils to hold up our star in the past. This year I tried a bow and it still didn't really work. We had a wonderful Christmas starting with a video from Aiselyn down at the bottom. Then we had a big breakfast and waited for Gabe to wake up to open presents. We didn't get around to opening presents till like 10 or 10:30 or maybe that is when we finished. I don't remember. I just remember the 10:30 part and thinking that was pretty good.

Aiselyn and Abby are holding up their little Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty dolls that they got in their stockings. They have loved these little dolls/figurine things.
Here I am passing out the presents. We each take turns opening one present at a time so that everyone can see what the others open. We really enjoy that!

Here is some of the terror. I have most of everything cleaned up and some put away but not much. The kitty found solace in Gabe's train box. He always likes curling up in boxes, stools, plastic grocery bags and other odd places.

The girls are playing with Gabe on his train. They all love this riding toy! Thank you Grandma Pinkard! The girls also got scooters and they thank you for those as well.

Later, or actually I think it is the next morning or something but anyway, Abby is looking at the computer with Daddy and Chloe, our dog, is very relaxed in an odd contorted way! I thought it was an interesting picture! This puppy enjoys laying around and snoozing!

And here is the kitty resting and snoozing. He as deemed under the tree "his" spot. The velvet tree skirt bore witness to it. It was covered in kitty fur...and it wasn't all that easy to get off, but he loved sleeping there so I let him. He also enjoys curving his body around and upside down and every which way he can. He is an odd cat, but very friendly so who can complain I guess!

Here the kids are in their Christmas outfits. Aren't they adorable?!

Here are some cute videos of Aiselyn on Christmas morning and of Gabe riding his train. This video of Aiselyn doesn't do justice. She came in soooo excited about all the presents so I had her say it again for the video but her reaction isn't nearly what it was. Oh well!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Finally...our Thanksgiving pictures!

I have had the hardest time getting my pictures off my camera lately. I's no excuse right! well, Tommy showed me a new way and it is waaaaaay easier than what I was doing so lo and behold...our vacations recently (our christmas pictures will be up this week as well--hopefully tomorrow---well, maybe). So we drove up to Maryland for Tommy's grandfather's 95th birthday party. It was a lot of fun especially for the kids. I got to make the cake and let me just brag a little bit...BUT IT WAS AWESOME! I'm not usually one for carrot (that's what he wanted) but this one was great! I had to make the Texas bluebell wildflowers by hand and it was a challenge let me tell you but it turned out pretty well!

Here is Grandpa Krebs (great-grandpa to the kids) giving a little speech!

Grandma Krebs doing the chicken dance with all the kids!

Cousins being silly (Katie in the hat, Devin, and Abby with Lucas and Garret in the background)

This is Thanksgiving day at Tommy's cousin, Roxanne's, house where Aiselyn is of course reading to Grandma. If some of you out there don't know much about Aiselyn, she loves to read! This is an understatement. She is only in Kindergarten but she probably reads at a 2nd grade level at least. She astonishes me quite frequently with what she reads. I hope my other kids will follow suite but I doubt it!

The after dinner snooze. This is classic of Tommy and Abby. Like father like daughter!

Here is Gabe and Lucas with a unique picture of two 1 year olds...barely one year olds...laying together still on the floor. Who does that? It was pretty fun. They actually camped out there for a while especially Gabe--he's such a laid back boy. He is truly awesome I must say!

So we were in the car going on a drive or something and Gabe insisted on holding both the girls hands. It was the sweetest thing ever! It may look like he's trying to get free, but it's only my poor picture taking skills at work. He and they were loving it. The girls would say things like, "awe, he's so cute!" or something to that effect. They're all silly!

So being in Maryland we had to catch up with our friends the Gish family. we met them to eat at a restaurant for dinner. we caught up on each other's lives and had fun hanging out for awhile. Here Gabe is sucking on lemon slices that come in your water! For some reason he thought they were pretty fine!

here we all are minus me of course..I'm taking the picture!

Here are the girls. They wanted their own picture taken and they are all so adorable. there's Lillian, Abby, Eleanor, and Aiselyn. The baby Camilla (well, she's like 2 or something but still she's their baby) isn't sitting with them.

thank you all so much for a wonderful time in Maryland. I know this is late and already January but it's better late than not at least I like to think so! More to come soon on our latest exploits!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Trip to Dahlanega, Georgia

We took a trip Friday night up to North Georgia in Dahlanega where Tommy is doing some restoration work on some streams and rivers and ponds and things on this huge piece of property. we stayed up there for the night and tromped around on saturday and had a lot of fun on the mule and traipsing around.

Here we are getting ready to go.

Gabe's ready to drive this big thing already!
the girls with our dog, Chloe around one of the ponds. Right after this, we let chloe off the leash and she had sooooooo much fun running around and playing in the river that is coming up!

Here we are having a little walk around the pond.

this is the Chestetee River. The girls had a ton of fun getting all wet...while it lasted. Right when they were done, they were super cold. We were in the mountains after all!

they had a whole heap of fun running through the water. Chloe was super excited and kept running up and down and back again!

Here is Aiselyn finding some warmth in the warm sand after soaking herself in the river. she and abby were soooooo dirty and covered in sand. there was a little beach of sorts on the bank of the river. It was really neat. On the property, right next to this river there used to be an old Indian resevation or whatever and you can still find broken pottery and arrow heads in the ground. It was fun trying to spot some on our little walk to the river. Chloe had so much fun running around she didn't even want to get back into the mule to ride home, she insisted on running behind us all the way back. I was impressed with our little puppy for never even wanting to run away and for getting so much excercise! We had a fun trip and came home in time to get clean for Church today where the kids had their primary program. It was awesome. the kids yelled..I mean sang their little hearts out especially Aiselyn! All in all, it was a GREAT weekend!